In the event you use or handle an internet site that runs off of a self-hosted occasion, you are most likely utilizing (or have used previously) a plugin developed by Joost de Valk. He developed and maintains the most well-liked Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, which has been downloaded over 1.4 million instances.redirect urls using htaccess

You lose the tremendous information worth that an actual human readable url supplies customers. You additionally lose the small help to building your model available by having them see your title in the url. Lastly quick urls (by throwing away the human readable url information customers would benefit from) contribute to safety problems by encouraging folks to blindly click on links they do not know where they’re being taken. Scammers take advantage of users that are keen to follow brief url hyperlinks.

In your instance you had requested that it redirect to a Game_Name.” In the event you absolutely will need to have this, thehtaccess file in all probability isn’t the place you will be setting this stuff up as a result of the regex above needs a pattern and Game_Name” is random. As a substitute you’ll have to set up some php code and a lookup table to your database. You’re most likely proper, as
BuildRedirects review
a result of %3F is the equal of a query mark. A question mark needs to be encoded in a URL for it to work correctly. I’ve also heard that making the final URL absolute may help repair the problem so you could possibly strive adding the and so on. to the final URL.

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Thanks for the plugin. I use my WP site as an OpenID and have a link rel=’openid.delegate’ pointing to (an OpenID service). That new WP URL canonicalization function” basically locked me out of all my accounts (all those BuildRedirects reviews that used OpenID authentication). Hmm… This should have been entrance and center information for wordpress upgraders, as an infinite oblique is definitely grounds for panic.